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Wine Rooms are Worthwhile Investments in Arizona Estates

Wine Rooms are Worthwhile Investments in Arizona Estates


Large Wine Room

5335 Invergordon’s large wine room is a collector’s dream

High-end homes pair well with wine rooms. This is especially true in the Sonoran Desert where expensive wine must be protected from high heat and UV rays. Beyond ensuring your collection is stored correctly, wine rooms can also provide architecturally interesting ways to display your collection and provide a one-of-a-kind tasting experience. All while increasing the value of your home!

Clients often ask if wine rooms/walls increase the value of homes. I tell them: Yes! Definitely! There are so many wine lovers in Paradise Valley now. Wine rooms and walls are seen as prestigious, and definitely ‘in’ now.

Wine walls, rooms, and cellars are excellent additions to your estate. Where to start may be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.


What do you want your wine storage to achieve?

Is your main goal space for racks to store your collection? Do you want to show it off, or have a place to entertain? How many bottles do you own or plan to keep? Perhaps you want a mix of all of these things. Write down the goals of your wine storage to help develop a plan.

Private Wine Cellar with Tasting Room

6105 E Sage Dr features a two-room wine cellar with tasting room that combines storage and entertainment.

What is your design aesthetic?

From colonial to ultra modern, and everything in between- wine storage can be designed to fit perfectly with your aesthetic. Consider glass enclosures for contemporary design, and more use of wood and stone for traditional homes. 

Spanish Colonial Style Wine Room

5901 Valley Vista is a Spanish Colonial Estate with a Wine Room that Fits In Perfectly With the Home

The Transitional design of 5625 Nauni Valley lends itself well to this 3,000-bottle, chilled, glass-enclosed wine room

How much space do you want to use?

Existing homes with smaller footprints would benefit greatly from wine walls, or tucked away storage options that can transform an underutilized closet or pantry into a cellar. While newer, or larger homes, can take advantage of square footage for full tasting rooms within the cellar, for an incredible entertaining experience your friends are likely not to forget.

Glass wine walls especially look really sexy and can be a tremendous statement piece. Because they are not that deep they don’t take up too much space either.  They can also be done (relatively) inexpensively in proportion to the ‘wow’ factor.

Contemporary Glass Wine Walls

5627 N Casa Blanca Drive’s pair of twin wine walls pack in the wow factor


Which ever way to go, your wine wall or wine storage will provide you with joy, pride, and equity for when you look to sell your home.

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