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Why Paradise Valley Should Be Your New Home


Why Paradise Valley Should Be Your New Home

By Jayson Goetz

Are you considering a move to the Paradise Valley area? A community as beautiful as this one offers many reasons for buyers to live here, and many for residents to stick around for good. 

Paradise Valley is an affluent town that isn’t too big, nestled in what is arguably the most visually stunning expanse of desert and mountains in the Greater Phoenix area. Buyers can have a lavish home on a beautiful property, with unbeatable views, and without the suffocation of a big city. Residents can still, however, enjoy the amenities a big city offers with just a short drive to Phoenix and Scottsdale. The median price for homes in Paradise Valley sits at around $1,800,600, and the area is notable for its low crime rate. 

As the “Beverly Hills of Arizona,” Paradise Valley’s homes enjoy large lots, most at least one acre in size. The area is strict in zoning, so properties consist almost entirely of residential homes, country clubs, and golf courses. This provides a quiet locale to live in with plenty of options for leisurely activities. The Greater Phoenix and Scottsdale area has its roots as a great resort destination, so luxury and upscale services are ingrained in its core.

The weather in Arizona is a year-round delight, and Paradise Valley is no exception. Although the summer can see pretty hot temperatures, it’s primarily a dry heat, and they’re worth the mild winters that bring visitors from all around the country. One of the biggest draws of Paradise Valley, and the Phoenix area in general, for these visitors and residents alike, is golf.

Estancia ClubThe sunny, clear skies of Arizona lend well to the literal hundreds of golf courses in and around Paradise Valley, Phoenix, and Scottsdale. The Arizona climate and the local fascination with golf mean these courses are designed to fill the bill for golf lovers with the highest standards. Even those interested, but new to the sport can receive world-class instruction at many of this golf haven’s clubs. Not to mention, the Phoenix Open is held nearby—an event that brings golf enthusiasts (and those just looking for a good time) from all over the world.

But golf isn’t the only outdoor activity around Paradise Valley. In the cooler months, you can escape the desert and head to the snow at the ski resorts in Northern Arizona with just a few hours in the car, and see a completely different side of the Grand Canyon State’s climate. Even if you’re not one for winter sports, the wilderness and mountains surrounding Paradise Valley contain plenty of hiking trails and opportunities for activities such as horseback riding or camping. You don’t have to travel far from home to get real adventure or some quality leisure time.

Talking Stick ArenaIf you’re looking for more of a spectator experience or a night on the town, Phoenix offers plenty of options for fun things to do, and is home to multiple professional sports teams including MLB’s Diamondbacks, NFL’s Cardinals, NBA’s Suns, and NHL’s Coyotes. The ever-rivaling ASU and U of A also tend to draw large crowds for their sporting events, adding to the options any Paradise Valley resident has for entertainment. 

Paradise Valley is also central to arts and culture. The Valley’s cultured institutions, like the Phoenix Ballet, Phoenix Symphony, and Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, are all close by. Not having to travel far to experience something refined and interesting is a factor not often thought about when choosing a home, and in Paradise Valley, homeowners don’t have to make that sacrifice. In addition to those, the greater Phoenix area is home to show venues like the historic Orpheum Theatre and Comerica Theatre, where a variety of acts perform on their tours. 

Sanctuary ResortMany of the resorts you might associate with vacationers or tourists in the area also serve as private clubs for residents. Most offer classes such as yoga or pilates, but the full extent can vary depending on which resort you choose. Nearly all have spas with massage therapy, pools, and recreational facilities to keep you active, but not out in the heat of the midday sun.

Paradise Valley is exactly as its name describes: a peaceful and comfortable home for its residents. It provides a sense of privacy usually found in a more isolated home, without any of the drawbacks.

As your representative, Joan will make sure that you find exactly what you’re looking for. She has over 30 years of experience specializing in some of the finest homes in the Valley, and will ensure that your move to the Paradise Valley area goes as smoothly as possible. Joan is dedicated to her clients’ satisfaction and will help you find the home that’s right for you with enthusiasm and passion.  For any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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