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How to select the best lot for your dream home

How to select the best lot for your dream home

Kissing is like Real Estate. The most important thing is Location, Location, Location! – – Anonymous

Building a custom home is a deeply personal process. It is the opportunity to make your home exactly the way you want it. And it all starts with the land you build on.

Paradise Valley offers two quintessential lot types for your dream home: flat lot and hillside. What you choose will say a lot about what you want in a home.

Flat lot:

5600 Saguaro Rd is a 4.8 acre gated lot with Camelback and McDowell Mountain Views in the prestigious Cameldale.

Flat, or valley floor lots, are prized for their potential for sweeping grounds and large lawns. Fantastic for families, or those looking for single-story living, flat lots are best for those who want to spread out. If you dream of putting greens, large sports courts, walking paths, gardens, or just don’t want any steps in your home, a flat lot should be on the top of your list. While flat and hillside lots may offer the same acreage, flat lots will have a larger buildable pad making them an easier choice for large, 10,000 sqft or bigger, homes.

5637 E Nauni Valley Dr: 2.5 acres at the base of Camelback Mountain, walking distance to resorts and restaurants.

What to look for in a flat lot: The best flat lot is close to town amenities like resorts and restaurants and provide excellent views from the valley floor. Consider the lot orientation in order to build a home that takes full advantage of views. Though it is preferable to not abut a major thoroughfare, lots with established perimeter foliage can provide good privacy from day one.

5222 Roadrunner is 1.1 acres near Paradise Valley Country Club with panoramic mountain and city lights views.


Hillside lot:

7339 Highcliff is 7.23 acres with views of Downtown Phoenix city lights and views of both Camelback and Mummy Mountains.

If dramatic views are most important to you, then a hillside lot may be the right fit. Perched above the valley, hillside lots often times boast panoramic views of features such as the McDowell Mountains, Camelback Mountain, City Lights, and more. Hillside lots are also often more naturally secluded, on roads that receive less traffic, and occasionally close to hiking trails as well.

Perfect for the ultimate hideaway, hillside lots lend themselves to dramatic architecture. Modern and contemporary homes feel at ease among the boulders. Infinity pools seem to disappear off of property edges, and features such as sports courts may be chiseled out of the hillside. While there are plenty of hillside homes without steps, hillside lots lend themselves to multi-story or split-story homes, that can best take advantage of smaller or more vertical building pads and maximize outdoor living spaces.

5850 E Cholla Lane is 4.68 acres with panoramic Scottsdale City Light Views and absolutely fabulous Rock Outcroppings. Can be split into two lots.

What to look for in a hillside lot: Views, views, views! You will also want to consider the buildable pad of a hillside lot, to ensure that you can build a home the size that you want. You’ll also want to take in consideration which direction you are facing- west facing homes are often coveted as they have daily access to the dramatic and famous Arizona sunsets, though will often require shades or screens to help protect from the hot afternoon summer sun. East facing will get the less famous but equally beautiful sunrises. You’ll also want to consider your commute and the access roads which lead in and out of your mountain hideaway.

I acre in Tatum Canyon subdivision. Close to Paradise Valley Country Club, shops and restaurants with city lights and mountain views.

Bottom Line

Whichever lot type you choose, Paradise Valley is the ideal place for your custom home. With minimum lot sizes of 1 acre, an extraordinary array of outdoor activities, resorts, restaurants, and many beautiful natural features, you are sure to find the perfect lot for your dream home. With a little luck, you may even find the rare but coveted unicorn- the flat lot on a hillside, combining the best of both classes of land. Good luck on your hunt!

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