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High-end appliances- what to buy, and what to pass on

High-end appliances- what to buy, and what to pass on

High-end appliances- what to buy, and what to pass on

If you are planning on taking advantage of end of year sales or a year-end bonus to freshen up your kitchen- there are now a wide range of gourmet, high-tech and high-end appliances to fill your home with. Which ones will stand the test of time- and which will just become storage for your serving dishes? I’ve toured and helped buy and sell many homes with devices such as these- here is what people look for when they buy a home, meaning, they will not only be useful for you, but they will be coveted by the next owner as well.

Warming drawer

  1. Food warming drawers

When to buy: if you host guests frequently.

When to avoid: if your kitchen is on the smaller side

Food warming drawers can warm your plates before serving, or keep food warm if you are cooking multiple items, like on Thanksgiving. It’s a wonderful gourmet product many high-end buyers look for, but in a kitchen that is low on space, you’d be better off with a storage drawer.


dishwasher drawers

  1. Drawer dishwashers

When to buy: if you frequently wash fine china or small loads

When to avoid: if you fill your dishwasher on a daily basis or frequently wash large pots

Drawer dishwashers look elegant, they save energy and water by having the option of only washing one drawer vs a half full dishwasher, and you can wash your dishes differently based on what is in the drawer. Many high-end homes now feature four drawers- so you are never playing Tetris with your dirty dishes.


refrigerator drawers

  1. Mini fridges or refrigerator/freezer drawers

When to buy: if you have small children or just don’t like walking all the way to the kitchen for a drink

When to avoid: Hard to say- I feel every home can use one!

Whether it be a specific wine or beer fridge or a low fridge with snacks and sodas for kids, I can’t say enough about mini fridges! These are perfect in kitchens, bars, outdoor bbqs, play rooms, media rooms, and game rooms. If you are renovating your home today, however, I say skip the mini fridge and opt instead for the newer fridge or freezer drawers that are hitting the market. I’m sure are going to be very popular in luxury homes.


Thermador espresso machine

  1. Espresso makers

When to buy: when you really, really like coffee

When to avoid: if you have to decide between one of these other appliances and the espresso maker

Built-in coffee makers with drawers to warm cups are an excellent edition to your kitchen, or your master bathroom. Many fit in with your other appliances and look very elegant, in addition to being useful.


samsung family hub refrigerator

  1. Smart refrigerators

When to buy: When you have to have the latest tech

When to avoid: When you are best off getting a side-by-side full sized refrigerator and freezer

We’ve all been there. You are at the grocery store and you cannot remember whether or not you have milk or not. Owners of smart refrigerators are in luck. With built in cameras and technology that can make shopping lists, or keep track of items as they leave your fridge, list forgetters will never end up without milk again.

These appliances have great promise, however they are currently most frequently found in standard sizes. Luxury kitchens demand oversize refrigerators. So it is best leaving the tech aside, at least for now.


steam oven

  1. Steam Ovens

When to buy: if you enjoy making healthy food at home

When to avoid: if you are not into trying new technology when you cook, or if you do not have easy access to water and gas lines where you want to place it

Steam ovens are wonderful additions to the home, and an item that many of my buyers dazzle at on home tours. They bake with steam, keeping vegetables soft, fish and meat tender, and vitamins inside your food. Many also have gas, for traditional baking and roasting needs.

Even though steam ovens are sought after, I cannot tell you how many homes I’ve toured where the instruction book is still unwrapped inside! Make sure this isn’t just a gimmick you won’t use. Especially since steam ovens deserve to be used.


wine station

  1. Wine station

When to buy: if it takes you a few days to go through a bottle of wine

When to avoid: if the above doesn’t describe you

I have yet to see a wine station in a Paradise Valley home- but I’m sure they are out there! This is a wonderful option for the sippers of the world, or if you like to compare and contrast wines, but don’t want to have multiple open bottles at a time.

The wine station is a small wine fridge that can display and serve four bottles at a time with spouts, and replaces the empty space with argon gas, ensuring your wine stays fresh. It can also do measured pours and chill wines at different temperatures.


Bottom line-

There is no end to the unique and useful appliances available for high end homes. But that doesn’t mean you need every one in your kitchen. Focus on what appeals to you and what you will use, and always keep resale in mind.