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Getting Smart at Home

Getting Smart at Home

Getting Smart at Home

A smart home- a house equipped with lighting, heating/cooling, electronic devices and other features that can be controlled via a phone, computer, or tablet- are smart investments. A great addition to a lock and leave property, the simplicity of operation can allow you to control your house with the click of a button- saving you time, money and the stress of never wondering if you left the garage door open ever again.


Modern smart home features go beyond simple light and temperature controls. Many include pre-programmed modes such as day, night, entertainment, or vacation and video cameras allowing you to monitor your house on your smartphone. Other systems have advanced features such as allowing you to fill a bath tub to ensure your tranquil retreat is ready the instant you arrive home from a stressful day.


Many homes on the market already have smart systems installed, making it a feature worth looking for during your home search. Here are the homes with whole-home smart systems installed I currently have for sale:


  1. 5901 E. Valley Vista Lane

savant smart homeThis home includes a top-of-the-line Savant home system. The 14,275 sq ft home’s lights, climate control, doors, fountains, etc, can be controlled via a centrally from anywhere in the world, allowing you to check on your investment while far away.


  1. 6067 N. Paradise View Drive

modern smart home

This home is smart from the second you enter. A fingerprint scanner unlocks the garage to ensure your home is always secure. Electronically controlled blinds, water/fire features and lights ensure this home is always comfortable while saving energy.


  1. 6525 E. Nauni Valley Drive

smart controlled wine roomAt a sweeping 14,256 sq ft, this home’s smart system adds a great amount of ease to this beautiful and relaxed home. Updated as part of a recent major renovation, the home’s smart system ensures everything is in its place, down to the temperature of the home’s impressive 3,000 bottle glass-enclosed wine room.


  1. 8100 N. 54th St

entertaining homeThis home was built for entertaining. A press of a button is all you need to set the home up for your guests. Open up the kitchen’s disappearing wall, turn on the lights and music outside, and prepare for a great time.